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EXPLORER UNDERWATER SERVICES INC. shall continuously endeavor to maintain local and international recognition in the maritime industry particularly in providing underwater services whenever and wherever needed.


It is the commitment of EXPLORER UNDERWATER SERVICES INC. to conduct its business processes to the highest standard of quality that is required in the diving industry. This is attained by providing quality equipment, diving personnel and administrative support to all projects. Our Quality Management System is based on diving standards and ensures quality products or services to the Customer. Health, safety and environmental concerns are integral parts of the Company QMS.

Explorer Underwater

   Services (EUS)

was originally established in August 2006 whose vessel’s inspection and maintenance requirements.

The company EUS excelled thru its responding performances, establishing 24/7 call out  job while maintaining company safe work standard, early compliance of the job and delivery. 

EUS was incorporate in April 2008 and it duly registered to Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) Philippines.

Becoming Explorer Underwater Services, Incorporated (EUSI) the company applied for ISO system. Taking the right path, the company begun conforming its activities under controlled quality management to improved employee work practices. It passed the audit of International Standard ISO 9001:2008 in year 2012 under AJA-Anglo Japan American Registrars and UKAS Quality Management.

Since then, EUSI become more competent and improved more in providing quality high standard of underwater services to both locals and foreign based ship owners/client representative, as well with other company marine sector that involves and requires in water application.